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Ends of the World

by Marine Angé and Christophe Deleu

“For a few minutes, we are immersed in a story that has already begun. As if you were late for the cinema. As if you could hear a dialogue through the half-open door. Worlds and caesuras. These everyday heroes, sometimes stuck in a bad dream, are themselves in the grip of an end, a grain of sand, an obstacle, an anomaly, a misunderstanding, a memory. It is their world that has come to an end. An effective piece of writing and a fascinating world of sound”. (Pascale Tison, RTBF)

Sound walks

Headphones on, the sound walk is a sensitive and immersive experience to survey and discover our cities and spaces in a different way, by letting yourself be guided by stories at the crossroads of reality and fiction, history and imagination.

The sound walks are designed in direct relation with the territory concerned, either in close collaboration with partners or by involving its inhabitants.