Who is Sonya ?

Sonya is a sound creation and production studio based in Strasbourg.
Sonya is a listening space dedicated to audio fiction.

Sonya creates immersive and colourful content, with a cinematographic approach to sound processing and original musical creations.
Sonya unfolds a whole world of sound, sensitive and plural, in which to dive and sharpen our imaginations.
Sonya is aimed at adults, adolescents and children.

Sonya brings together artists and professionals, mainly from the Grand Est region, working in the fields of sound creation, writing, radio, theatre, visual arts, music, journalism and digital cultures.
Sonya is part of a lively, local economy driven by local partnerships and the desire to promote a territory, its history and its inhabitants.
Sonya travels through the public space, sounds it out and gives it back during events for and with the public: sound walks, listening sessions, meetings, workshops, etc.

Why fiction?

Although the development of podcasts is booming, fiction remains an underdeveloped genre in France.

Sonya aims to develop the audio fiction podcast by focusing on the inventiveness of productions, the diversity of collaborations, the desire to experiment and the renewal of writing. The recordings are made in real conditions as soon as possible, not in a studio. Often, the productions are based on existing facts and places to better resonate with our imaginations. Fiction is inspired by and plays with reality: it questions it, teases it, upsets it, sublimates it.


The École du Théâtre National de Strasbourg is accompanying Sonya and is offering its students in the games section the opportunity to try their hand at audio fiction!
The participation of Sefa Yeboah (student of group 46) in the creation of the sound walk in the Parc Albert Schweitzer is the first illustration of this collaboration.

References and press review

Our audio fiction work has been noticed on several occasions: SACD evenings; grants (Gulliver Fund for radio); broadcasting on radio stations (RTBF-La Première, Belgian and French community radio stations) and on podcast platforms (Magneto, Canada); invitations to conferences.

  • Our series Fins du monde was the subject of a podcast produced by the website Syntone.
  • Fins du monde invited to a listening evening of the SACD.
  • Invitation to the colloquium "Le désir de belle radio aujourd'hui/la fiction".
  • The Studio TJP talks about Fins du monde!