The collective


Sound designer and producer of Sonya

Marine is an artist-author, sound designer and musician. She composes universes studded with various sounds, borrowed from the fantastic and the absurd. The recording changes the real and its diffusion too. Her practice is punctuated by collaborations, improvisation, orality and music.

Author and producer of Sonya

Christophe is a professor at the University of Strasbourg and director of the Centre Universitaire d'Enseignement du Journalisme de Strasbourg. He has published several books including Le documentaire radiophonique (Ina-L'Harmattan, 2013). He is also a radio writer, notably for France Culture and RTBF. He is president of the radio commission of the Société des Gens de Lettres.

Multitask and producer of Sonya

Audrey likes to capture the sounds of the forest, the stories of those around her, the people who doubt and growl. With four girlfriends, she created and hosted a pre-#metoo feminist cultural show on Radio Campus Grenoble. Since then, she listens to podcasts and sometimes tries her hand at sound production. For Sonya, she records, coordinates, gives voice, communicates, does stuff on in the Internet, writes.

Graphic designer, artist and programmer

Marjorie usually defines herself as a person from the image world. Trained in graphic design and then self-taught in programming, sound is a great unknown for her, who has always evolved in a world of silence. In Sonya, she is a bit like Amadeus in the movie Sound of Noise, the cop born in a family of musicians who hates music, except that Marjorie is curious and excited by the prospect of exposing herself to sound and experimenting with this new material (and she is not a cop).

Associate artists


For the past fifteen years, Léo has been regularly recording on CDs compilations of weird sounds to share. Léo has rocker buddies and female friends who do radio. He would like to write songs, but he only knows how to write stories.
You can, for example, follow his news by email:

Radio journalist and actress

Marie is a radio journalist trained at the Centre Universitaire d'Enseignement du Journalisme in Strasbourg. She currently works on the airwaves of France Bleu Alsace. She likes podcasts, Germany and the countryside.

Sefa Yeboah


Sefa is a student in the Acting section of Group 46 at the National Theatre School of Strasbourg, of which Sonya is a partner.

Simon Dargent


Simon plays several instruments, builds others from recycled elements, and is interested in the conception of electronic music. He composes music and creates soundtracks for shows, performances, installations, and plays in different bands.

Julien Gutbier


Julien is a travelling musician, who cultivates a bohemian temperament for travelling, mixed with a wandering curiosity for music, rhythms and instruments of the world. An attentive listener, he also supports an active listening of the sound environments in which he evolves through live recordings.

Vincent Pellerin


Vincent likes to customize and divert utensils to extract the sound juice. His research and compositions are essentially turned towards the rhythmic of things and more particularly towards hypnotic rhythms. He also teaches his practice to children through body methods and listening.