The collective


Sound designer, realisator and cofounder of Sonya

Marine is a radio writer and realisator since 2011 and also a musician and visual artist. She composes universes studded with various sounds, full of fantasy and absurdity. Her practice is punctuated by collaborations, improvisation, orality and music. She has written and directed several documentaries and sound fictions: "Les Cryptés" in 2011 with Marion Cros, "Dead Meat" in 2013, both produced and broadcast by Arte Radio, as well as "[Berserkir"](https://soundcloud. com/collectif-cach) in 2014 with Marion Cros and "Fins du monde" in 2016 with Christophe Deleu, both supported by the Guliver grant and broadcasted in the program "PAR OUI DIRE" on RTBF, as well as other sound creations of all kinds, multichannel pieces, reports, or musical compositions in different frameworks such as live performance, video, cassette edition... She is also a creator of sound walks since 2014 and enhances her practice since 2021 with sound effects.

Author and cofounder of Sonya

Christophe has been a radio writer since 1997. He has created numerous documentaries as well as fictions, notably at France Culture where he developed the docu-fiction genre with François Teste. Among their works, several have won awards: La lointaine (Scam, 2004); Vers le Nord (Phonurgia award 2010; Radiophonies award for direction and male performance, 2010); Débruitage (SGDL award 2013 for radio fiction).
For RTBF (Belgium), he wrote two audio fictions: Fins du monde (with Marine Angé, financed thanks to the Gulliver grant in 2016) and Un seul film (2019), both broadcast on the programme "Par ouï dire". He has written numerous articles on radio and is the author of La parole des anonymes à la radio, Usages, fonctions et portée (Ina/de Boeck) in 2006 and Le documentaire radiophonique (Ina/L'Harmattan) in 2013. He is a professor at the University of Strasbourg and director of the Centre Universitaire d'Enseignement du Journalisme de Strasbourg.

Sound director and cofounder of Sonya

Audrey is a sound director for podcasts, sound creations and radio.
She is also developing a production and coordination activity for cultural projects, mainly in the field of radio and sound. In June 2021, she won the podcast competition organised by the association Plan Sonore, in the beginner category. In August 2022, she attended a professional training course at the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel to obtain the "Radio and podcast production" certification.
She leads radio practice workshops and media education actions, in particular within Radio Caddie.

Graphic designer, artist and programmer

Marjorie usually defines herself as a person from the image world. Trained in graphic design and then self-taught in programming, sound is a great unknown for her, who has always evolved in a world of silence. In Sonya, she is a bit like Amadeus in the movie Sound of Noise, the cop born in a family of musicians who hates music, except that Marjorie is curious and excited by the prospect of exposing herself to sound and experimenting with this new material (and she is not a cop).

Associate artists

Simon Dargent


Simon plays several instruments, builds others from recycled elements, and is interested in the conception of electronic music. He composes music and creates soundtracks for shows, performances, installations, and plays in different bands.

Julien Gutbier


Julien is a travelling musician, who cultivates a bohemian temperament for travelling, mixed with a wandering curiosity for music, rhythms and instruments of the world. An attentive listener, he also supports an active listening of the sound environments in which he evolves through live recordings.


For the past fifteen years, Léo has been regularly recording on CDs compilations of weird sounds to share. Léo has rocker buddies and female friends who do radio. He would like to write songs, but he only knows how to write stories.
You can, for example, follow his news by email:

Viny La


Viny is a performer, actor and co-creator of the group Sdorvia Desko (Kival company). Between music and street art, she navigates from time to time in visual art by making videos for visual artists (Thomas Rebischung, Regis R...). Since 2021, she has been part of the Bitchissime team that is renovating "Le Chalet du Saupferch" in the village of Meisenthal in Moselle to create a place for exchange and sharing.



luvan, a writer with a passion for sound, is a performer, a radio producer, a writer of texts for the performing arts and a participant in numerous collaborations. Her multiple lives in Africa, the Pacific, China and Europe nourish her unique speculative universe, defying genders.

Radio journalist and actress

Marie is a radio journalist trained at the Centre Universitaire d'Enseignement du Journalisme in Strasbourg. She currently works on the airwaves of France Bleu Alsace. She likes podcasts, Germany and the countryside.

Vincent Pellerin


Vincent likes to customize and divert utensils to extract the sound juice. His research and compositions are essentially turned towards the rhythmic of things and more particularly towards hypnotic rhythms. He also teaches his practice to children through body methods and listening.


A student in the acting section at the National Theatre School of Strasbourg, Lucie has been practicing theatre since high school. Before coming to Strasbourg, she lived in Istanbul and Paris. An actress above all, she remains sensitive to sound creation and the spaces it opens up in the imagination.

Sefa Yeboah


Sefa is a student in the Acting section of Group 46 at the National Theatre School of Strasbourg, of which Sonya is a partner.

Julie Salles


Trained at the Cours Florent, Julie was an actress for a few years - during which time she discovered voice work (mainly advertising and narration). She has since left the stage but not the microphone!