Happy new year

The whole team wishes you a great year!
Here are some exciting news about what awaits us in 2023.

We look forward to seeing you here and there,
Marine, Audrey and Christophe

2023 for Sonya :

  • A local youth fiction, hopla!
    A dive into Rhineland legends to create an audio story, mixing French and Alsatian dialect, for young ears.

  • Back to school
    A year of creative residency at the Rouget-de-Lisle school in Schiltigheim. Our goal : write and produce, with several classes of 4th graders, a sound story inspired by the city's industrial heritage.

  • Imagine the future
    In collaboration with the authors of the Zanzibar collective, we are putting on the air the texts and stories produced in the framework of the Ateliers d'Après (writing workshops in Strasbourg) in order to propose full-fledged sound creations.

  • New releases
    Broadcasting of season 2 of the micro-fiction series Fins du Monde in partnership with RTBF in spring
    New episodes for The Dream Squad and Here around, our sound and collective experimentation spaces

  • A project in evolution
    The structuring of our association and our activities continues with the conviction that we are on the right track, after a promising year 2022. Sonya is above all a collective project, open to new energies and desires. Do not hesitate to contact us!