The Remnants


We have all experienced the constraint of not leaving our homes. Or maybe it was for an hour or two. We had to watch our watch. We also needed a good reason to leave our apartment or house.

Fortunately, that is all behind us. It was unbearable, wasn't it? No one wants it to happen again, do they?
Maybe we do, actually. How can it be explained ? Some people don't want to leave their homes anymore.

Do you find that strange ?


Written by luvan and Léo Henry
With Julie Salles, Lucie Rouxel and Marine Angé

Design and production: Marine Angé, Christophe Deleu and Audrey Meyer
Sound recording and editing: Marine Angé and Audrey Meyer
Sound direction and musical composition: Marine Angé
Musical interpretation: Marine Angé and Vincent Pellerin
Visual design: Marjorie Ober