by Marine Angé

Download the soundtrack, put on your headphones, walk through the city and let yourself be guided by the narration. You can borrow headphones and smartphones from the Wissembourg tourist office.

Practical informations

Starting and ending point: 3 Rue du Musée 67160 Wissembourg
Duration: 38 min
For the general public

Bring a headset (recommended) or earphones and a smartphone.
The file can be downloaded or listened to in streaming on this page.
Bring good shoes if it rains, plan a detour at the end of the walk if you have a stroller.




Design and production: Marine Angé
Voice: Bruno Dreyfurst
With the participation of: Théo Tyburn, Serge Burger, Bernard Weigel, François Schaaf, the students and teachers of the Saint-Jean Oleyer school, as well as the anonymous contributors of the « Don du son ».
Musical creations: Marine Angé, Maurin Fontaine, Viny Besnard, Thomas Rebischung, Ariane Pinel et Vincent Pellerin.
Translation of the text passages in Alsatian: Benedicte Keck de l’OLCA
Closing song: Viny Besnard, Le loup et la fleur.
As part of the Amuse-Musée program of the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park, in partnership with the Westercamp Museum and the municipality of Wissembourg, with the support of the OLCA, the DRAC, the Conseil départemental du Bas-Rhin and the Région Grand Est.
Thanks to Serge Burger for his help with the documentation and the realization, to Elen Gouzien, to Sherley Freudenreich and to the Tourist Office of Wissembourg for the loan of smartphones and headphones, as well as to the association of the friends of the Westercamp museum.