Albert Schweitzer Park



by Marine Angé, Christophe Deleu, Léo Henry and Audrey Meyer

A large abandoned villa, trees from all over the world, strange huts to take refuge in, unidentified flying objects… In 150 years, the Albert Schweitzer Park has known many transformations and still holds many surprises.
Headphones on, discover this park as you have never heard it before, between fiction and reality.

Practical informations

Starting and ending point: Parc Albert Schweitzer 42 rue du Schnokeloch 67200 Strasbourg
The starting point is at the entrance of the park on the right, at the level of the green spaces sign.
From 8 years old
Duration: 45 minutes

Bring headphones (recommended) or earphones and a smartphone. The file can be downloaded or streamed on this page.
In summer, bring mosquito repellent !
This walk is accessible to people with reduced mobility and strollers.




Design: Marine Angé, Christophe Deleu, Léo Henry, Audrey Meyer
Texts: Christophe Deleu, Léo Henry
Voices: Marie Maheux, Sefa Yeboah, Marine Angé, Christophe Deleu, Audrey Meyer, Balthazar Pellerin
Guitar, metaphone, vocals: Simon Dargent
Violin, cello, vocals, sound design: Marine Angé
Horseshoe: Vincent Pellerin
Quitipla: Vincent Pellerin et Julien Gutbier
Tampura: Marc Boudeau
Sound recordings: Marine Angé, Audrey Meyer
Director: Marine Angé
Website and graphic design: Marjorie Ober

Thanks to Léo Limon for the excerpt from his play Cœur de loup, âme d’enfant with Shana, a high level rhythmic gymnast and to Julien Gutbier for the excerpt from his play Tarapoto. Tarapoto.

A creation of Sonya Podcast as part of the programming of the cultural summer of the city of Strasbourg in 2021.