Haut-Barr Highschool 2067


The day everything changed

Polarocide will make your thoughts flow! Polarocide, and you'll be climbing pyramids!"

Saverne, Haut-Barr Highschool, May 2067.
It's Marc's first day at school, a newcomer whose arrival we follow. Here, as elsewhere, the Viyborgs keep order and make sure that every pupil gets his daily dose of polarocide. This powerful intellectual stimulant is supposed to improve school performance. But not everyone is happy about this.

Marc's first day is also the day when everything changes...


A sound creation written, performed and recorded by the eco-delegate students of the Lycée du Haut-Barr in Saverne during the 2023/2024 school year.

With Alexis, Alyssa, Chloé, Dimitri, Dorian, Éva, Gabin, Léna, Lucas, Maëlys, Mattéo, Matthias, Maxime, Mélina and Siméon.

Original music and sound design: Gabin and Sonya
Accompaniment and sound production: Marine Angé and Audrey Meyer
Many thanks to Viviane Koch, Edwige Laneres and Morgane Montembault for their invaluable help and participation.

Lycée du Haut-Barr 2067 is a podcast produced in 2024 as part of the Lycée du futur programme run by the Grand-Est Region.