Ongoing projects


  • Here around

    Collective laboratory

    A sound fiction of about 20 minutes published regularly, in the form of a single program or mini-podcast.
    The objective is to build a work process involving the various members of Sonya on a regular basis: authors, actors, musicians, designers, researchers, directors, etc.
    Conceived in the form of a local and moving laboratory, this program aims to be a place of collective experimentation, of research into new writing, of prospective narration, of questioning the world and its deepest issues.

    Upcoming episodes

    • The Remnants

      Text by luvan and Léo Henry (broadcast early 2022)

      Imagine a national lockdown. Imagine that, once the lockdown is lifted, certain individuals refuse to leave their homes and return to the smooth running of society. Les Restants tells the story of a future world governed by omnipotent social control, under the guise of injunctions to personal development and to live well together, through a telephone conversation.

    • My Evil Double

      Text by Cécilia Gouttes and Paul Frican

      After an accident at work, Louise meets a young woman who looks strangely like her on a dating website. Little by little, this person disturbs Louise's reality and seems to take her place, "succeeding" in her place... Louise accepts it... to what extent?

    • Téléflan

      Text by Elina Gakou-Gomba and Marine Angé

      In a society where the couple is the rule, Marianne, Jay and Katsumi are swimming in happiness: they are getting married in a week! Suddenly, Jay breaks off his engagement. It is a blow of massacre. Marianne and Katsumi are heartbroken, but they also have good reasons to keep the wedding going - and therefore urgently need to find a replacement to love madly. What to do?


  • Ends of the World, season 2

    Text by Marine Angé and Christophe Deleu

    10 episodes of 8 minutes (broadcast from February 2022)

    What if someone proposed to change your life?
    Something was being created. But, for unexplained reasons, a threat is hanging over this creation that everyone was waiting for. What if you had a place in this project, but you didn't go in the right direction?

  • The Dream Brigade

    Texts by Christophe Deleu based on collected dreams

    Series in production (broadcast from January 2022)

    In each episode of this series, someone tells their dream. Or rather, answers the questions of the Dream Brigade. Because, at a time when even sleep is subject to the principles of personal development and aseptic well-being, fewer and fewer people remember their dreams or are still awakened by disturbing dreams. Those who still dream are asked to report to the medical authorities to be heard by the Dream Brigade, a modern day pythia, and to try to find meaning in their dreams.

  • The Perfect City

    Text by Christophe Deleu

    Fantasy podcast in 12 episodes of 30 minutes

    In a futuristic city threatened by the Grey Cloud, only a small number of families obtain the right, on very strict criteria, to settle in the Perfect City. There, everything is done to ensure the development and health of the future children.
    But it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain the order of things and to impose happiness. Some of them will forget themselves as individuals, blind themselves, and precipitate a chaos they had sworn to avoid...

    This series is inspired by a real place, the Ungemach city in Strasbourg, the only known eugenic city in France.

  • The adventures of EMI

    Podcast for children of 12 episodes of 5 to 10 minutes

    A child and his teddy bear visit totally incongruous planets thanks to their ultra-perfect rocket! Inspired by the marvelous universe developed in Little Nemo and its scripted structure, this series tells the story of their absurd and joyful adventures, while tackling current and very real societal issues, such as ecology, feminism and anti-racism.